We move fast and provide quality and reliable relocation services at affordable prices.


Mini Moves

Mini Moves in and around Cape Town. A small move or partial load from point A to point B using trained, professional movers with reliable vehicles.

Removals Cape Town

Removals Cape Town

Removals Cape Town Moving Company. Furniture Removals in 3 Easy Steps. Free Transit Insurance and Removal Packaging Supplies Delivery in Cape Town.

Office Removals

Office Removals

When it comes to office removals in Cape Town you need to move professionally. Office moves are often complex moves and require a certain expertise that only a professional removals company can offer.

Moving Company Cape Town

Long Distance Removals

Express Long Distance Removals made easy with Removals Cape Town. Get A Free Quote. Have your home delivered within 24 hours nationwide.

Moving Company Cape Town

Moving Boxes & Packaging

Moving Company Cape Town save all our clients on packaging supplies. We deliver in Cape Town to your home or business for free.

Moving Company Cape Town

Moving Truck Hire

Moving house can be costly. If you would prefer to hire a Moving Truck and driver to save costs, we will be happy to help. This way you can get your friends and family to help you carry.

Our Moving Tips

Our Services | Mini Moves
  • Tools, painting equipment and cleaning chemicals should be packed together in clearly marked boxes.

  • You may want to use plastic totes to prevent messy or dangerous leaks.

  • Pack bottles and medications together and keep them separate from other belongings.

  • Tools, painting equipment and cleaning chemicals should be packed together in clearly marked boxes.

Our Services | Moving Supplies
  • Get the best brand of moving supplies.

  • Pack fragile items in separate boxes and clearly mark the boxes as fragile.

Services Removals Cape Town
  • Double-check on all your household items and the number of them you wish to move.

  • Ensure you have enough materials to protect them from damage during the moving process.

  • Use our easy-to-use online inventory list during the pre-packing stage.

  • Notify the moving company on what you require to pack and what needs to be moved.

  • Certain items such as flammable liquids, aerosol cans, disinfectants and signal flairs are forbidden during the move.

  • Contact us for more info.

Our Services | Office Removals
  • Pack fragile items and non-fragile items in sperate boxes.

  • Clearly mark them accordingly.

  • Mark each box according to one’s personal belongings.