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Office Removals

When it comes to office removals in Cape Town you need to move professionally. Office moves are often complex moves and require a certain expertise that only a professional removals company can offer.  Our office moving service is a fully managed moving service fine-tuned over the last decade. From Cape Town Office moves to move offices across and around the country, we have the experience and expertise to move you safely, securely and stress-free.

Moving Checklist

When moving office your move must cause minimal disruption to your working day. As a professional moving company with expertise in Office Removals, we know how to move your business with minimal downtime.

Planning your Office Move

Put your office move team together and plan each step of the move. This may be a month or two before you move. Put a detailed plan together that could include lease details and details of systems such as the internet, this needs transferring timed to your move. Start looking for professional office relocation companies – ask us for a free office move quote and consultation.

Getting Ready for the Move

Depending on the size of your move logistics make a difference. Any professional office removals company will only work with a proper floor plan to ensure your move is as efficient at possible. They know that first on the removal truck is last off.  Make a note of lifts and stairways as well as parking for the moving company. You will need to communicate any security information with building managers and pass this information on to your office moving company. You will finally have to clean the building you are moving from.

Packing to Move

Different companies have different ideas about moving office. Some will ask staff members to pack their own belongings and stationery and others will want this done for them. Packing for your office relocation and commercial move can begin with non-essential items and then onto more essential items closer to moving day.  The goal is to aim for a little disruption as possible.  Desks, chairs, tables and other office furniture should be clearly marked and their new position marker on the new office layout. Unless specified by your office removals company any furniture should be disassembled if it will make carrying and transporting easier.

For an office move or commercial move, it is best to use a professional commercial moving company that can supply you with boxes and quality packing materials. If you have not asked for a packing service with your move you will need to allocate a team to do this. It is highly recommended to use a professional packing and unpacking service from your commercial moving company.  Ask us about our packing and unpacking service for commercial moves.

Specialist equipment and office technology

Most companies have an array of specialist office equipment such as photocopiers, servers and desktop PCs. Moving these items is often a specialist service. While many office removal experts can move these items many companies prefer their IT department of equipment supplier to move these items because of insurance. Make sure to ask any suppliers of leased or specialist equipment about office moves – many will move leased equipment for free or for a small fee.


Using your floorplan your office moving company can move your desks and other items to a precise space in your new office. If you have booked a full unpacking service desks will be reassembled however connecting technology to your network is left to your IT specialists. Likewise, powerpoints and access to them is your responsibility, however, this should have been considered before the move. Once unpacked your business can carry on trading.

What does a commercial moving company need to know?

An office move is an import event for any company and communication with your chosen office removals company is of paramount importance.  Your office moving company is your best friend when moving and as professional movers, we are part of your business before, during and shortly after you move. We need to know:

The floor space and layout of your current workspace – a site visit it preferred

The floor space of your new office – a site visit it preferred

The number of items, size, weight etc to be moved

Information of heavy, fragile or delicate items

Parking arrangements for collection and delivery

Information on stairways and lifts – are their tradesmen’s entrances?

Who is in charge?

Any extra services you might require

With this information, your office move should go smoothly and quick.

Why choose us for your office move?

Your office move is important for your company and you need expertise in commercial moving. Choose our commercial moving and relocation service because we

Have over a decade of experience

Have reliable vehicles

Use our own fully-employed trained, qualified and experienced moving teams

Move you according to industry standards

Work closely with you and project manage your office move

Are fully insured

Can provide a full packing and unpacking service

Can supply professional packing materials and boxes

Have a 5 Star Google Rating

Have the most competitive office moving rates in Cape Town

For the most affordable, reliable and efficient office removal service in Cape Town call us for a free quote.

With us, your office move in Cape Town is taken care of.  For the best office removals in Cape Town, we are you the company to choose to move you and keep you working. Avoid hassle and stress by using the most trusted commercial moving company in Cape Town.