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Mini Moves  

Mini Moves in and around Cape Town. A small move or partial load from point A to point B using trained, professional movers with reliable vehicles. No job too small for the big company specialising in smaller moves. If you need to move something small call the experts and move it easily at a price you can afford.  All moves are fully insured, and service is guaranteed.  To move with confidence call the Mini Moves experts for a free quotation today. 

Choose the right moving company for your small move

We are expert movers trusted by hundreds of Capetonians for our professional service, care and attention and great value for money.  As one of the leading removal companies, we can move you better and faster for less. Put us to the test and get your free removal quote today.

Making Mini Moves Easy

Our simple moving process makes all our moves effortless. We give you total peace of mind as we move your small load in no time at all.

Step 1

Call us for a free quote, approve it and book your time and date.

Step 2

Our trained, professional removal team arrive and load your belongings into our reliable removals truck. We are on our way.

Step 3

Our careful removals team unload your belongings at your new place and you sign off and approve the move.  You are now home sweet home.

Our no-hassle small move removal service is the smart way to move a room, small office or small flat. As one of the leading cape town removal companies we move you better and faster for less.

Preparing for your Mini Move in Cape Town

A small move needs just as much preparation and planning as a large home removal. Whether you are moving down the street or to the other side of South Africa preparation is key.

Make a list of what you are moving

Even if you have only a few items to move you need to make a packing list. Things can sometimes go missing when you move house. Make list and write down which box the item is in. Don’t forget to list your furniture and appliance items.  Mark boxes as fragile and the removal company know which boxes are fragile.

Pack in a logical order

Even with a small move your packing and unpacking is easier when done logically.  Ask us about our packing service and take all the hassle out of your move.

The Day of your Move

As removal experts in Cape Town, we know how slack the Mother City can be. By all means, take your time to pack but make sure you are well prepared for moving day. Double-check your items and make yourself a coffee while you wait for the removal vehicle to arrive. As the leading Mini Moves removal company in Cape Town, we want your move to be calm and easy.

The Cape Town Moving Experts

As part of 365moves, our mini moves are the best in Cape Town.  We have a 5-star rating on Google and most of our work comes from referrals. Our removals team are fully employed and trained to move you safely, smoothly and efficiently.  Moving you is our passion and we do so with pride. No move is too small and no distance too far, we make moving home or office easy.

Why choose us for your Mini Move?

For your small move, you need a trusted removals company.  We understand that your house move or office move is important to you. We take removals seriously and our customers trust us. Why should you choose us for your next move?

We are a professional removal company with over a decade of experience

Small moves are our speciality. We use specialist equipment and a small expert team.

We are fully insured. As a professional removals company, all our moves are insured, and you have peace of mind.

We put you first.  As part of 365moves, we offer exemplary levels of customer service to ensure your move is stress-free and runs according to plan.

We offer added-value services.  To make your move hassle-free we offer a packing and unpacking service. We can also provide packaging materials.

Competitive prices. We are one of the most competitive removals company in Cape Town. We don’t cut corners to save money we just offer a great value for money removals service.

Top Tips for an Easy Move

As a professional removals company, we understand moving house or office better than anyone.  Our top tips for a safe and happy move are:

Understand the benefits of using professional movers – once you use professionals you will never do it yourself again

Invest in proper packaging for moving –  no matter how small your move it proper packaging material makes your move better

Plan your move –  a well-planned move is a successful and happy move – talk to us

Never overfill a moving box – cramming everything into a box makes boxes heavy and can damage your contents. Even a mini move is better when you pack well

Protect your valuables – fragile and valuable items need extra care when moving house. Pack them separately and use professional moving materials to wrap them safely.