08 Mar

Tips to help you with your preparation to move

The Moving Company Cape Town has over the years mastered the art of relocation and moving.  These events are often frowned upon as being daunting.

The best approach is to book your removal rather earlier than later.  Communication between yourself and the removal company is key.  Give one of our skilled consultants a call to discuss your needs.  We have various options available for your consideration.

These are our suggestions to assist you with packing:

  • Go through each room and see what can be packed and what needs to be left till a later stage.
  • Make a list of valuable items and pack them with extra packaging and consider marking those boxes as “FRAGILE”.
  • Items which are used daily or on a regular basis should be packed at a much later stage.
  • Clothing is a seasonal commodity.  Clothing out of season can be packed.
  • Food, tins and toiletries should be left until the very last minute.
  • Crockery, cutlery and all other kitchen items which are not regularly used can be packed and marked.

We recommend that new and sturdy boxes are used to protect your valuables and household items.  Second hand and flimsy boxes add risk to the boxes not being able to support its contents.  Just a word of advice, do not overload your boxes. To make your life easier, number your boxes and list what the contents are of each box.  This will make such a difference to your unpacking process.

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