17 Feb

How To Get Started When Packing Up Your House For The Big Move

There are many items to consider when planning for moving day and, normally, that list is rather long. The process of packing up your house is extremely important, so having an action plan is never a bad idea.

A great place to start is by grouping all of your important items so that when the day comes, you know where they are and that they are safe. This could include items of value, important documents, and delicate items that you would prefer to move. The last thing you want on your mind is where your marriage certificate might be!

At Moving Company Cape Town, our team has moved countless families and businesses and, as such, has prepared a few packing tips and best practice approaches.

Be prepared, pack ahead of moving day:

Packing always takes longer and it is best to allow yourself the time to do it properly. Allow yourself a few extra days to get the job done. Some items of furniture require dismantling and it is better to do this with ample time to spare. Screws and missing bolts can be a nightmare to replace if lost. Packing a few items and dedicating a few hours a day is all it takes to stay on top of things.

Pack what you don’t need first:

It makes sense, the last thing you want is to have to open all your pre-packed boxes just to find that one item you desperately need. Start with the furniture in rooms that are not often used, or pack your winter clothes during the summer time & vice versa. Store all your pre-packed items in these rooms, so you don’t have to navigate an obstacle course every time you need to leave the house. Take it one room at a time, so you do not lose focus. It is also not a bad idea to begin packing upstairs first!

This is also a great time to declutter, toss broken or unwanted items, or visit your nearest donation point.

Take the time to pack fragile items properly:

There is nothing worse than opening a box just to discover everything is broken. Give yourself the time to pack sensitive items properly and with the right amount of protection. Don’t overpack one box and mark these boxes, so that everyone knows to take special care.

A pro tip from our moving team, use some off-season clothing to wrap items like glasses and plates, that way you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Don’t overfill your boxes:

Just because you can fit multiple items in a single box, does not mean it is a good idea. Not only will certain boxes be too heavy to move, but the last thing you want on the big day is an injury. It is better to use small to medium-sized boxes, that way you will be able to transport the boxes easily and avoid making them too heavy to carry.

Talk to our team about our packaging options, there is no need to use old boxes.

Hire the Cape Town Moving Company Packaging Team:

Sometimes time gets the better of us. Our professional team can take care of everything. Our staff will arrive with all the required packing material and the hands needed to get the job done, whilst you sit back, relax and delegate.

Whether the move is simple or complex, having a detailed plan is always a useful tool when it comes to moving. Contact us today and let’s help you plan for your upcoming move.

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