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Moving During The Current Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)?

Moving During Covid-19 – The coronavirus has interrupted the lives of countless South African citizens. With enforced social distancing and limitations on gatherings, as a direct result, moving has become even more of a challenge. However that doesn’t mean it needs to be more stressful- enter Moving Company Cape Town.

In order to help you reduce your stress levels, outlined below are some of the moving obstacles, posed by present limitations, and how we can help you potentially overcome them. As always, it is advisable to refer to sacoronavirus.co.za for up to date statistics and revised safety tips.

1. COVID-19 in a Nutshell

As reported by organizations, such as the World Health Organization, COVID can be described as the infectious disease caused by the Corona Virus. It is extremely contagious and is transferred by droplets from nasal or oral cavities, hence the need for social distancing. According to sacoronnavirus.co.za, over 1, 4 million positive cases have been identified in South Africa alone.

2. Social Distancing whilst Moving

At Moving Company Cape Town your safety, as well as those of our team, is extremely important. We take great care in ensuring that social distancing best practices are abided by at all times, which is why we recommend the following four steps:

1.       Book our service

2.       Allow us to pack the majority of your items

3.       We move your goods to the desired location

4.       We deliver and allow you to begin unpacking

During the entire process, our team will remain at least six feet away and follow your direction as the pack begins. It is recommended that items, such as clothing, are packed by you personally before being loaded.

3. Do we need to come to you in order to quote?

No. We offer an online booking experience to keep physical contact to the minimum. Please contact us here to receive a quick no obligation quote.

4. Is it the right time to move?

At the best of times, moving days are pretty inflexible, which is why our Moving Company Cape Town team will always do their best to schedule an appropriate time, in accordance with government lock down restrictions. At the time of publication, moving is allowed under the current lockdown level.

Some health & safety considerations to make before moving:

–          Are you in a high risk group?

–          Do members of your family or friends have underlying conditions which could increase the seriousness of their potential exposure?

–          Is the area you are moving to in a high risk zone?

5. I am showing symptoms, should I cancel?

It is important to immediately share this information with our team, so arrangements can be made to either reschedule or allow the team to provide you with our safety process. Your health and safety as well as our operations team is of the upmost importance and in the end, our team is ready to help you complete your move.

Some considerations to make in the instance where you or a family member is showing COVID-19 Symptoms and you are Moving During Covid-19:

–          Ensure that all packing, where possible, is completed at least 24 hours in advance of our moving team’s arrival. Store these items in an isolated room.

–          Remain at least 6 feet away at all times.

–          Wear a mask and sanitize any item that our team will touch.

–          During the operation, please do not remove your mask or gloves.

Our team will arrive with the necessary protective & preventative gear; this does not need to be provided.

6. What precautions are we taking?

At Moving Company Cape Town, we take special measures to ensure our team and equipment is ready and safe. Some of these protocols include:

–          Closely adhering to government restrictions and safety best practices

–          Providing an online quotation experience

–          Regular sanitization of equipment and vehicles

–          Enforced social distancing

–          Protective PPE- masks and gloves

We take the above steps to ensure your safety as well as the Cape Town Moving Company team.

Final Tips for moving during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

–          Be transparent with our team, if you or a member of your moving party are showing symptoms, please advise us accordingly

–          Reduce the amount of people directly assisting you with your pack; leave the bulk of it to our team.

–          Say no to free or pre-loved boxes. If you require extras, please go to your nearest store or advise our operations team to bring extras for a fee.

–          Have extra sanitizer available. Some items may pass multiple hands before, during and after the pack. Make sure there is enough available in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our Moving Company Cape Town team adheres to the guidelines set forth by the governing body. We will ensure the appropriate social distancing and sanitization practices are upheld at all phases of your move.

We look forward to helping you move safely, efficiently & stress free. Contact us today.

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